Inescapable truth #2 of the Intentionomics® Blueprint for a prosperous life is you need to Take Stock Of Your Truth! This inescapable truth is just as valid for you in your personal life as it is in your business life.

Let’s consider the impact of this inescapable truth on you as a team member working on specific projects and goals.

At the time of writing I am on a national speaking tour with one of Australia’s most respected and successful Insurance Companies. In taking the brief for the five state six city events, I asked one of the conference coordinating team members this question…..

“What do you believe is the Financial Advisers’ current truth about their opportunities for success in the uncertain financial situation that the world finds itself in.”

We discussed a range of answers and the potential impact of the Advisers’ truth on their general motivation and level of intentional action to create advocacy with their existing clients and grow their businesses.

I then turned the focus of the discussion onto the conference coordination team (which included a number of senior executives), by asking the following question……

“And what about you as the conference coordinating team – what is your truth about the potential value of the national road show for the Advisers as well as for your company?”

We discussed what had happened at past events, some concerns they had for the current event, which then allowed us to strategically plan for success.

Now, of course, I could have asked “What are your goals for the conference?”, however, when you ask “What’s your truth?”, and it’s asked with the clear intention of discussing reality (and not corporate political spin), meaningful and engaged dialogue results.  My good friend and international thought leader on corporate culture, Steve Simpson, refers to this as creating the supportive kind of environment where ‘unwritten ground rules’ can be discussed – in my language, taking stock of your truth.

So if you’re working in a team, applying the Intentionomics® Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths For A Prosperous Life will reap you clarity, more open dialogue, accountability, trust and success – and importantly, help to create a more happy, flourishing and prosperous work environment.

Key Questions To Ask Your Team

Ask yourself and your team members, “What’s our truth about…….

  • this project;
  • about our goals;
  • about our potential;
  • about the value of what we’re doing;
  • about our progress;
  • about the way we’re working together and with others?

What can seem like a simple question “What’s Your Truth?” is inescapable in the positive impact it can have on you and on others – and that’s the economic affect of your intentions – and that’s the power of Intentionomics®.