Living a ‘good life’ means more than just happiness! In this video series I’ve selected from 101 keywords and discuss how each word can impact your potential to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life.

This is keyword #005 – Aims

Have you ever given much thought to the difference between dreams, wishes, goals, aims, and objectives? Quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter whether you aspire to acquire something that is material or non-material, or things that cost money or the things that don’t cost money.

And it doesn’t really matter if you call it a dream, a wish, a goal, an aim or an objective or anything else. For now let’s call it an aim, but let’s focus on an intentional aim – something you want to acquire with an intention that in acquiring it, you will improve the lives of the other people you connect with in your life roles.

Look After Yourself!

Remember, one of your life roles is to look after yourself, so having an aim or aims that are centred around an intention to improve your own life is a positive intention to have.

However, to live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life, pursuing intentional aims that are solely for your own ego will never be as rewarding as pursuing intentional aims that will have direct and indirect positive impacts on the other people you connect with in your life roles.

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