Living a ‘good life’ means more than just happiness! In this video series I’ve selected from 101 keywords and discuss how each word can impact your potential to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life.

This is keyword #014 – Attraction.

Much has been written and suggested about the Law of Attraction. Typically it is presented in a way that incorrectly suggests if you want something enough it will somehow just be attracted to you and manifest itself into your life.


While wanting something in your life is a good place to start, understanding why you want it in your life is equally, if not more important.

This is connecting your wants to your intention.

However, once you’ve worked out what you want in your life and WHY you want it, unless you take intentional action (actions based on fulfilling an intention of wanting things in your life to better not only your own life, but also the lives of others you connect with in your life roles), the likelihood of anything happening are minimal at best.

Rather than the law of attraction, consider the law of intentional attraction which combines identifying what you want, having a higher intention for wanting it (other than for selfish gain) and then implementing intentional action to earn the right to achieve what you’re after and to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.