Living a ‘good life’ means more than just happiness! In this video series I’ve selected from 101 keywords and discuss how each word can impact your potential to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life.

This is keyword #031 – Delegate

The purpose of life is to be who you need to be and do what you need to do to pursue a happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

At times one of the best strategies to keep you focused on your intentional aspirational goals is to delegate tasks to others. There is a fine line between delegation and passing the buck.

Intentional delegation however, clearly outlines your intention and reason for wanting the person to whom you are delegating the task to complete it rather than you.  The reasons could be to help them learn and grow or  provide an experience, or to put them in contact with a new relationship that will help improve their personal or business life depending on the situation. When you delegate just to ‘free up your time’ it will never be as engaging and rarely as successful as when you practice intentional delegation.

Remember, one of the inescapable truths for a prosperous life is to define your intention for each life role.  This is at the very core of intentional delegation.

I highly recommend the book 7 habits of highly effective people and the work of Stephen R Covey, and to conclude this message today, let me leave you with a quote from Covey who said…..

“We accomplish all that we do through delegation – either to time or to other people.”