Living a ‘good life’ means more than just happiness! In this video series I’ve selected from 101 keywords and discuss how each word can impact your potential to live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous personal and work life.

This is keyword #045 – Expertise

One of the inescapable truths for a prosperous life is to pursue intentional learning.  When you choose to grow in knowledge and understanding, to develop in skill and implementation, you are building expertise.

This is different than ‘being’ an expert.  When you apply your expertise it is putting into practice, to the best of your ability, the level of competency you possess.  Intentional learning helps you to continually develop your expertise, and the more you develop, the more you grow, the more you will be able to achieve in life.

Intentional learning is about pursuing personal development to achieve your intentional aspirational goals to improve your life through improving the lives of others.  This usually means pursuing your passion and one of the measures of being able to ‘flourish’ in life as identified by Martin Seligman’s research is to be ‘engaged’ in what you do to such an extent that time almost seems to stand still and that your focus is only on that which you are doing.

To live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life you will need to be pursuing intentional learning to develop your expertise so that you can apply your competencies to the best of your ability and reap the personal rewards for yourself and others when you do.

I met Denis Waitley twice in the mid 1990’s and was mesmerised by his power to engage with an audience through  his poetry, philosophy and story telling.  This quote from Waitley that I’d like to share with you is one of my personal favourites…..

“You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert.”