Are You A Rebellious Leader?

Are you a rebellious leader? Here are 11 trademarks of rebellious leaders from a select group of members of Switch and Shift’s League of Extraordinary Thinkers (of which I’m one of the members). Rebellious Leaders are: Unimpressive In it for others Earn the right of leadership Empower people What we all need Always honest, not … Read more »

Earning Trust In A Team Learning Event

If you want to get more creative results stop brainstorming, shut up, unplug and well… just think for yourself for a change. And if you’re a leader, adopting this approach will help you to earn more trust from your team in any learning, problem solving or strategy development program. In a business world that seems … Read more »

Being happy at work is not the goal!

If you’re an organisational manager/leader, read this article right to the end – it will help you increase the engagement and work-satisfaction of your people (and for yourself)… Here’s an example where you’ve just got to shake your head and ask “Why bother?” Researchers from the University College London have apparently come up with a … Read more »

Wanted – Intentional Sales Leaders!

Let me start with a small-t truth that many sales managers don’t seem to understand or aren’t prepared to admit. The reality is, there is not that much new that can be taught to salespeople when it comes to selling skills. The days of teaching sales techniques that were cleverly manipulative are long gone. Catch … Read more »

Earning The Right Of Leadership

Leaders looking to increase the engagement and performance of their teams need to understand the contextual determinants impacting the wellbeing of their people. This requires a level of social intelligence that goes way beyond just managing the tasks and performance of their people. It requires self-reflection and a critical analysis of what their truth is, … Read more »

Are you thinking intentionally

How intentional are you in your thinking? You might be amazed at how often our thinking can be unintentional… and depending on which it is for you, the impact on your wellbeing and success will be significant. I’ve just finished my 2nd year Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and start my final dissertation … Read more »

Reputation Ruined in 140 characters

Last night I experienced just another example that when trust is at risk, everything is at risk. I was watching QandA on ABC last night and one of the tweets that scroll through at the bottom of the screen read “you are only one tweet away from ruining your life”, which was first tweeted by … Read more »

The Benefits Of Designing A Life With small m Meaning

In a recent Fast Company article, Ainsley O’Connell discusses a new program being offered by Stanford University that they are calling ‘Design Your Life’. You can read the full article here. What caught my attention was this quote: “We invite people to live intentionally, in a generative, thoughtful way.” My definition of living intentionally is … Read more »

3 Ways To Manage Change Better

Liz and I moved into our new home and office last week and to say that its been an emotional journey is an understatement. The rain basically started as the removalists were unloading the trucks last Friday and hasn’t stopped. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll realise that the last few months … Read more »

Australian Business Leaders
Are Getting It Wrong!

We’ve got a serious leadership problem here in Australia, in fact, it’s a global leadership issue. Across all levels of most organisations, it appears that the majority of leaders are getting it wrong on a daily basis. Now, I realise that’s harsh, but when you piece together some of the latest research on workplaces around … Read more »