The Privilege Of Trust

I was in Fiji last week to conduct a keynote presentation on Intentional Trust for about 100 Property Strategists from IronFish. What a privilege it is to present to a company where it’s obvious through every touch-point of my experience with the founding directors and the property strategists, that they genuinely share an intention of … Read more »

Developing habits for Self-Trust

Our future self needs our current self to make good decisions. Most of us have heard the saying ‘we are creatures of habit’, but I wonder how many of us can honestly say we are intentionally building and maintaining habits that will help us live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives? This is a question … Read more »

Trust Is Not The Measure
Of Sales Success

A warning to any business owner or manager looking to jump onto the trust-based selling bandwagon… trust is not the measure of sales success – surely the measure of sales success has always been and will always be sales results… more new, repeat and referral sales. In the mid nineteen nineties, I was working for … Read more »

The Impact of your
Intentional Attention

When was the last time (if ever), you stopped and thought about where your attention is focused throughout your working day? Is your attention intentionally focused on what will provide you with the best possible results? Let’s broaden this for a moment beyond your work day, to your overall life satisfaction. By the very nature … Read more »

5 Brain Biases That Impact Your Financial Decisions

Can money buy you happiness? For many people, the everyday decisions about what we do with our money, are often made under an illusion of competent decision making. The reality is, our brain has formulated a number of biases that will impact the decisions we make about what we do with our money… and those … Read more »

The juggling act of rebuilding trust

Making an intentional effort to rebuild trust when it has been damaged, is not necessarily all that easy, but can have significant and positive results. For the past five years, our eldest son Matthew has been doing the hard yards pursuing an acting career. To be able to turn up to auditions (typically he’s given … Read more »

Is Positive Psychology Overthinking Happiness?

What if the researchers, academics and practitioners of positive psychology are simply over-thinking happiness and just confusing people? In one of the many wonderful Calvin and Hobbes comic strips by Bill Watterson, the young Calvin happily tells himself “Here I am, happy and content”. In the next frame he questions himself by saying “But not … Read more »

Learn From A Wolf – Really?

Dear Clients, I’m just writing to let you know that I’m sending my sales team to learn the art of persuasion from The Wolf of Wall Street. Say What? Disgusted, angry, sad, upset and bewildered. These are just some of my reactions to having just watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Is Jordan … Read more »

The treadmill of pursuing ‘more’

If you asked most people in your city or town how satisfied they were with their life, how do you think they would respond? How would you respond? I was reading an article today from the Washington Post that was forwarded to me by one of our Intentionomics community members. The article outlined what has … Read more »

Is Intentional Trust on Your Agenda

When we get used to things, we tend to start taking them for granted. And when we start taking things for granted, there’s the potential for us to devalue whatever it is we’ve got used to. It’s so easy to get used to a beautiful view that you see every day. It’s so easy to … Read more »