The key message in this book is a solid one. Russell Conwell’s story or parable (without giving it away) that he used to present at lectures throughout the United States through the late eighteen hundreds was known as the Acres of Diamonds.

The basis of the story is that we all have the opportunity to make more of ourselves – our character, and that we don’t have to look far to discover ‘acres of diamonds’. The diamonds may be for example ideas, opportunities, people, invention, or solutions to problems.

In the 2009 edition of this book that I purchased through, the first part of the book is presented as a script of one of his lectures that outlines the parable and its premise.

The remainder of the book is a biography of Conwell written by Robert Shackleton who outlines how Conwell himself lived up to the lessons he so fervently taught throughout his life.

What I specifically liked about this book was the reminder to us all that our intentions matter. Although the book’s language and structure is set in the early nineteen hundreds (I think) the real message is aligned with the platform principle of Intentionomics – People get our truth. And it’s a great reminder that the more we work on our own truth, our own character, the more opportunities to live a happy, flourishing and prosperous life will present themselves to us.