My friend Kerrie Akkermans gave this book to me as a gift many years ago and it is a lovely book of 100 short messages that you can pick up at any time, flick through the book and stop at any page and you’ll get inspiration, wisdom and a sense of intentional actions you could implement.

The premise I take from the book is to help you clear your conscious mind of the clutter and noise that distracts you from the things that really matter in your life – your personal well being, developing your personal character, your family, your relationships and intentionally experiencing what life can offer you that help you live a more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

The format reminds me a little of George Washington’s “Rules of Civility” which is basically a list of common courtesies and actions of good character (although somewhat dated, well worth a Google search if you’re interested).

So there are no chapters or obvious sequence or sections to this book which may be distracting for some, however, that’s not what the book is about.

My favourite messages include:

  • Make peace with imperfection
  • Develop your compassion
  • Choose your battles wisely
  • Resist the urge to criticize
  • Turn your Melodrama into a Mellow-Drama (really good this one!)
  • Lighten up
  • Mind your own business and
  • Live this day as if it were your last – it might be!

While I don’t subscribe to all of the ideas in all of the messages, this remains one of my favourite ‘coffee table’ pick-up-and-flick-through-regularly books.