This is a real favourite of mine. Barbara Fredrickson Ph.D says “positivity goes beyond self-talk. Although subtle, it too infuses your mindscape and outlook, heart rhythms and body chemistry, muscle tension and facial expressions, and your resources and relationships.” Refreshingly written in a way that blends the academic and scientific rigor with stories and case studies that anchor the reader with understanding. What I like most is the way her research concludes with what I reckon just makes sense, and the research validates these 6 facts: 1. Positivity feels good. 2. Positivity broadens minds. 3. Positivity builds resources. 4. Positivity fuels resilience. 5. Higher positivity ratios forecast flourishing and 6. People can raise their positivity ratios.

Barbara Fredrickson doesn’t just provide the research, but also some tools to help you to build your positivity ratio (I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal as a way to boost positivity – my mum gave me my first journal when I was a teenager and I’ve been journaling ever since).

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