The How Of Happiness – A new approach to getting the life you want is a wonderfully practical guide on specific intentional activities, scientifically evidenced to help increase the amount of happiness you have in your life.

The central theme is that 50% of your potential for happiness is determined by your genetics and that we have a ‘base rate’ of happiness that we can’t change (and that base rate is different for all of us). 10% is based on our circumstances – which scientific evidence shows that therefore, changing our circumstances (bigger house, better job, more money, more possessions etc.) won’t have a significant impact on your overall happiness.

The really good news is that 40% of your overall level of happiness is totally within your control.

What I’m thrilled about in this research is that it is our intentional activities that will promote happiness.  Lyubomirsky provides a comprehensive set of intentional activities to choose to work on and recommends a selection and focus on just 4 intentional activities – and provides a guide on how to choose the ‘best fit’ of intentional activities so you can maximise your potential to gain the most value and sustained happiness from them.

Easy to read, practical, great research supported by case studies that you’ll relate to quite readily. Highly recommended for everyone.