Truth #4: Control Your Inner Voice

How to be at ease with disruption

Recently I stumbled upon a word the Japanese use to describe serenity in the midst of activity or chaos. The word is ‘Seijaku’. While it has other meanings including peacefulness, this idea of finding serenity in the midst of chaos has significance for any organisational leader looking for ways to better manage disruption, distraction and … Read more »

Is ‘Control In Life’ A Myth?

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proactively self-manage through disruption rather than relying solely on our ability to be reactively resilient in times of change. Most of us know the saying that we can’t … Read more »

Reactive Resilience or
Proactive Positioning of Awareness

Let’s face it, sometimes even for those of us who have good jobs, good relationships, and a good life overall, every now and then, we find ourselves, either intentionally or unintentionally in stressful situations where we can potentially just lose control. When these moments are what I refer to as micro moments of mayhem, this … Read more »

How to stop fear from
hijacking your motivation

I’ve been listening in to the conversations of people during breaks at conferences I’ve been attending recently, and sadly, it doesn’t take long for the conversations to focus on these miserable low-lifes who are currently and increasingly, terrorising the world. It’s prompted me to ask of myself, my family and now here in this post, … Read more »

A pragmatic look at mindfulness

One of my intentional goals in living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life is to be more intentionally mindful, in more moments, more often. Recently I completed a reflective exercise as part of my study for my Master Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and I’ve been recording/journaling at the end of every day my reflections … Read more »

Is age really just a number?

What a wonderfully inspiring topic! My youngest son has just celebrated his 21st birthday and in his birthday speech, which he was relatively sober for (relatively… ), he did mention, among many things, how happy he was to have parents who were role models for treating age as just a number. Now before you think … Read more »

Perspective – A Lesson From Loss

How proficient are you at keeping or putting things in perspective? I’m currently writing the first chapter in my new book The Science of Intentional Trust, and one of the elements I will be writing about is what I refer to as the Triangle Of Three Trusts which refers to (1) Self-Trust, (2) Trust In … Read more »

Forget balance – intentionally let things go

Do you ever have moments, days, weeks or even longer where you realise that the whole idea of ‘a balanced life seems so far beyond your capacity to experience because of extenuating circumstances? I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog posting of late and that’s because I’ve been juggling conferences and university assignments and … Read more »

How optimistic are you about 2014?

How optimistic do you think you are when it comes to your life turning out the way you hope it will? If you look back, say 10 years ago, and think about where you are today in your personal and business life, how close are you living your life in ways you expected? What are … Read more »

An argument against ‘bouncing forward’

As we step into 2014 many people start with resolutions about the changes they will make in their lives, and about being more motivated, more positive, more more more… in the pursuit of living a happy, flourishing and prosperous work and personal life. Let’s start with a scientific fact – humans are aspirational goal seeking … Read more »