Truth #6: Intentional Goals

What Are You Prepared To Do?

Part of my new year strategic planning is to reflect on the most important pieces of advice that I’ve received in my professional and personal life. In this post, let me ask you… What comes to top of mind for you when you think of the most important advice you’ve received? For me, as I … Read more »

Money, Mentors, Trust & Happiness

This post will give you a peek inside how my mind works in connections and patterns. I’m going to start with a radio interview that prompted me to think about money, which prompted me to think about trusted mentors which prompted me to answer the question ‘does money buy happiness?’ I was interviewed last week … Read more »

How To Set & Pursue Flourishing Goals

For most of us, the start of a new year means setting goals… and this is good. We humans are aspirational goal seeking beings and without goals, our potential to flourish is lessened and our potential to languish increases. Whether you’ve already set your 2016 goals, or are just getting around to think about them … Read more »

4 Vital Steps To Benefit
From Intentional Action

If as a leader you want to positively shift individual or team performance, improve morale and motivation, and reap the benefits of a genuinely engaged workforce, develop the mindset and capability of your team on Intentional Action. There’s a big difference between doing what you do and doing what you do with clear and aligned … Read more »

The New Currency of Differentiation

In a business world of price and product parity, where it is increasingly difficult to differentiate on the quality of a product or service promise, sales and customer service teams are struggling to create that little bit extra that will help them to stand out from their competitors. Westfield Shopping Centre has caught onto two … Read more »

Is ‘Control In Life’ A Myth?

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proactively self-manage through disruption rather than relying solely on our ability to be reactively resilient in times of change. Most of us know the saying that we can’t … Read more »

3 Ways To Manage Change Better

Liz and I moved into our new home and office last week and to say that its been an emotional journey is an understatement. The rain basically started as the removalists were unloading the trucks last Friday and hasn’t stopped. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll realise that the last few months … Read more »

Searching for meaning in life
just might be meaningless!

I recently watched this acceptance speech by Tim Michin who had just received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Western Australia… I highly recommend you watch it too. I just love Tim’s idea that ‘searching for meaning to be a meaningless venture’ – rather, live now, more intentionally mindful in more moments, … Read more »

Can your future-self
trust your current-self?

Yesterday I conducted a lecture on The Science of Intentional Trust to around 100 University of Technology Sydney undergraduates studying Collaborative Business Processes. Well, my presentation style doesn’t really equate to the typical lecture, and it was certainly a surprise approach for many of the 2nd year Information/Business degree students. One of the key areas … Read more »

Developing habits for Self-Trust

Our future self needs our current self to make good decisions. Most of us have heard the saying ‘we are creatures of habit’, but I wonder how many of us can honestly say we are intentionally building and maintaining habits that will help us live more happy, flourishing and meaningful lives? This is a question … Read more »