Truth #8: Intentional Learning

Why You Need A Self-Determined Growth Mindset In 2016

Are you feeling like 2016 has already started to get away from you? Is your hope that this year will be less disruptive than last? Are you already under the pump to meet competing deadlines, reports, targets or client demands? Despite what many of the self-help gurus suggest (or demand) of you, just telling yourself … Read more »

Trust In Corporate or Team Culture

To what extent is your corporate or team culture promoting, demonstrating and rewarding TRUST? If you’re not sure, then there’s a high likelihood that trust is at risk… and when trust is at risk, everything is at risk. My friend Barbara Brooks Kimmel who formed and continues to breathe air into The Trust Alliance community … Read more »

4 Vital Steps To Benefit
From Intentional Action

If as a leader you want to positively shift individual or team performance, improve morale and motivation, and reap the benefits of a genuinely engaged workforce, develop the mindset and capability of your team on Intentional Action. There’s a big difference between doing what you do and doing what you do with clear and aligned … Read more »

Is ‘Control In Life’ A Myth?

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proactively self-manage through disruption rather than relying solely on our ability to be reactively resilient in times of change. Most of us know the saying that we can’t … Read more »

The menace of thought leadership

Here’s a bit of a warning for anyone claiming to be a ‘thought leader’ or expert on a particular topic. A recently released intriguing research study suggests that self-proclaimed thought leaders and experts are more likely to “allege knowledge of completely made-up information and false facts”. The researchers have labelled this phenomenon as “overclaiming”. One … Read more »

Self-Trust: Time to take stock!

Are you making intentional decisions and taking intentional actions that will help you to thrive in your business and flourish in your life? Advice that Liz and I have always given to our sons as they leave our home is “Make good decisions!” It’s become a bit of a mantra for our sons, and I’m … Read more »

Earning The Right Of Leadership

Leaders looking to increase the engagement and performance of their teams need to understand the contextual determinants impacting the wellbeing of their people. This requires a level of social intelligence that goes way beyond just managing the tasks and performance of their people. It requires self-reflection and a critical analysis of what their truth is, … Read more »

Are you thinking intentionally

How intentional are you in your thinking? You might be amazed at how often our thinking can be unintentional… and depending on which it is for you, the impact on your wellbeing and success will be significant. I’ve just finished my 2nd year Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and start my final dissertation … Read more »

It’s time to welcome back the critics

We’ve all read or heard about the research that validates for business leaders the importance of having a happy and positive workforce. But what about the value that the ‘black hatters’, critics and deep thinkers can add to the success of workplaces? One of my favourite researchers and writers on what is now being referred … Read more »

Is Positive Psychology Overthinking Happiness?

What if the researchers, academics and practitioners of positive psychology are simply over-thinking happiness and just confusing people? In one of the many wonderful Calvin and Hobbes comic strips by Bill Watterson, the young Calvin happily tells himself “Here I am, happy and content”. In the next frame he questions himself by saying “But not … Read more »