Truth #7: Intentional Trust

Why Your Employee Engagement Strategies May Be A Waste Of Time

Many leaders aiming to have positively engaged employees, may be wasting their time. In the latest edition of Australian Human Resource Director magazine, citing the Direct Health Solutions’ 2015 Absence Management and Wellbeing Survey, it was highlighted that the average amount (per employee) that a business loses to absenteeism annually is $2,984. This figure however … Read more »

Leaders need Responsibleness Not Responsibility

Almost any leader will be able to impose responsibility on their individual and collective team members. Imposing responsibility is very much a command-follow and carrot/stick leadership tactic. Responsibility is imposed externally through fear or reward. This is the basis of consequence management, and it’s paradoxical. If a leader chooses not to apply consequence management, (celebrating, sharing … Read more »

More Meaning Builds More Self-Trust

Before others will trust you, and before you can comfortably trust in others, you need to have earned and maintain your own self-trust. You can see in the model here that pivoting on the bottom of the pointy end of the inverted triangle of three trusts is Self-trust. The triangle of three trusts is inverted … Read more »

Switched On World Is Killing Empathy

Empathy for others is a key element in the forming and maintenance of any professional and personal relationship. Without empathy, we find it difficult to understand the viewpoint and feelings of others. Without empathy, we can become detached from what really matters most to others. What if we were losing the capacity for empathy? What … Read more »

Trust In Corporate or Team Culture

To what extent is your corporate or team culture promoting, demonstrating and rewarding TRUST? If you’re not sure, then there’s a high likelihood that trust is at risk… and when trust is at risk, everything is at risk. My friend Barbara Brooks Kimmel who formed and continues to breathe air into The Trust Alliance community … Read more »

Sarcasm, Trust and Innovation

Whenever something I’ve held as a truth is challenged, I realise that I am right on the edge of my boundary of beliefs, and become even more mindfully present to explore what’s really going on. That’s what happened when I saw some latest research on the impact of sarcasm on team creativity and innovation. I’ve … Read more »

Counting Your Intentions
Builds Trust Relationships

Whether you’re an executive leader or team member, or when you’re thinking about your professional or personal life, we all get that some things in life count more than others. Albert Einstein said ‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.’ When I first read that quote many … Read more »

Compassionate Leadership Is Not ‘Soft’

I struggle to come to terms with what so many people refer to as ‘SOFT SKILLS’. A skill is a skill. Whether it’s soft or hard is irrelevant. What’s important is whether the skill is being learned and applied at a level of competence or mastery that results in desired goal achievement. I don’t understand … Read more »

International Day of Listening

My life’s mantra for some time now is… to be more intentionally mindful in more moments that matter more often. What I’ve certainly learned, and I know it won’t come as any surprise to you, is that living up to my mantra is a lot easier said than done. For most of us, me included, … Read more »

Is ‘Control In Life’ A Myth?

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proactively self-manage through disruption rather than relying solely on our ability to be reactively resilient in times of change. Most of us know the saying that we can’t … Read more »