Truth #2: Take Stock of your Truth

What Are You Prepared To Do?

Part of my new year strategic planning is to reflect on the most important pieces of advice that I’ve received in my professional and personal life. In this post, let me ask you… What comes to top of mind for you when you think of the most important advice you’ve received? For me, as I … Read more »

Why You Need A Self-Determined Growth Mindset In 2016

Are you feeling like 2016 has already started to get away from you? Is your hope that this year will be less disruptive than last? Are you already under the pump to meet competing deadlines, reports, targets or client demands? Despite what many of the self-help gurus suggest (or demand) of you, just telling yourself … Read more »

More Meaning Builds More Self-Trust

Before others will trust you, and before you can comfortably trust in others, you need to have earned and maintain your own self-trust. You can see in the model here that pivoting on the bottom of the pointy end of the inverted triangle of three trusts is Self-trust. The triangle of three trusts is inverted … Read more »

Money, Mentors, Trust & Happiness

This post will give you a peek inside how my mind works in connections and patterns. I’m going to start with a radio interview that prompted me to think about money, which prompted me to think about trusted mentors which prompted me to answer the question ‘does money buy happiness?’ I was interviewed last week … Read more »

Flourishing Employees Are Meaningfully Engaged

In the competitive world of disruption, distraction and change, there’s a piece of advice from Viktor Frankl that heralds a real opportunity for leaders and human resource professionals to help employees find meaning at work as part of their on-going employee engagement strategy. Victor Frankl, author of the book Man’s Search For Meaning, said “There is … Read more »

Compassionate Leadership Is Not ‘Soft’

I struggle to come to terms with what so many people refer to as ‘SOFT SKILLS’. A skill is a skill. Whether it’s soft or hard is irrelevant. What’s important is whether the skill is being learned and applied at a level of competence or mastery that results in desired goal achievement. I don’t understand … Read more »

How Character Strengths
Build Thriving Workplaces

If you want a thriving business where leaders and their teams are flourishing professionally and personally, there is considerable and convincing scientific evidence that recommends training, coaching and developing your leaders and their teams to be aware of and regularly apply their ‘signature strengths’. While arguably Aristotle is famously known for his focus on the … Read more »

International Day of Listening

My life’s mantra for some time now is… to be more intentionally mindful in more moments that matter more often. What I’ve certainly learned, and I know it won’t come as any surprise to you, is that living up to my mantra is a lot easier said than done. For most of us, me included, … Read more »

Is ‘Control In Life’ A Myth?

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proactively self-manage through disruption rather than relying solely on our ability to be reactively resilient in times of change. Most of us know the saying that we can’t … Read more »

Are Leaders Kidding Themselves About Trust?

Most people readily understand that trust impacts every measure of success in our professional and personal lives. It’s relatively easy to understand the impact of a lack of trust between customers and any business. If customers don’t trust a brand, or a salesperson because of a poor customer experience or questionable sales tactics… the result … Read more »