Equity Trustees
Resources Page

Hi and welcome to this VIP page I’ve created for Equity Trustees.

Here you’ll find links to provide you with the promised resources, to follow-up on the workshops I presented in August.

I’m also inviting you to access my free ‘Why Trust Matters’ video series (see the right hand side of this page for details – I know you’ll enjoy and gain value from it).

PowerPoint Slides

Here is a link to the slides I used during my presentation

These are provided for you in ‘handout’ style.

Client Obstacles & Objections

Here is a link to access the 20 Most Common Buyer Obstacles & Objections

This takes you to a specific area in my on-line sales coaching website “SalesCoachCentral” where you can access information on how to reactively overcome the 20 most common buyer obstacles and objections. This is provided for those of you who have direct client facing roles where you want to explore different ways to reactively manage client obstacles and objections when clients identify issues with what you’ve presented. Remembering that if you follow the BASICS of Client Engagement/Selling process that I presented, (Build rapport, Ask questions, Show value, Identify obstacles, Confirm next steps and Stay in touch) you will be proactively identifying obstacles and objections in the Ask Questions step.

Access to SalesCoachCentral

Here is a link to my on-line sales coaching resource centre “SalesCoachCentral”

This is for those of you who would like to explore broader concepts around finding, winning and keeping clients.

Especially For Financial Advisers

Here is a link to my VIP resources section for financial advisers.

If you’re a financial adviser, this link provides you with a number of resources and ideas on engaging in deeper level ‘lifestyle’ advice conversations with your clients – all drawn from the field of applied positive psychology on what it takes to live a happy, flourishing and meaningful life.

You will need to use the VIP password trust


Thanks for being an important participant in this process, and I look forward to working with you and helping you in whatever way I can.

Warm regards,


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