IAG and David Penglase positive psychology research invitation

Please take a moment to watch this video where I provide you with some details about the research project that I hope you will choose to participate in (I’ve also summarised the steps involved for you below the video).

After watching the video (or if you’re ready now) please CLICK ON THIS LINK to participate

If you’d like to discuss this further please email me at david@davidpenglase.com or phone my office on 02 9546 2492

An Overview Of What’s Involved In Participating In This Research

Step 1: Confirm you want to participate by CLICK ON THIS LINK

Step 2: The link takes you to a protected ‘SurveyMonkey’ page where you’ll be asked to complete some details about you (confidentiality assured) and then to complete 3 questionnaires that will take you no more that five to ten minutes to complete. There are 25 statements in total and all are multiple choice.

Step 3: Once completed, you’ll receive within 24 hours a Welcome Email from me (David Penglase) which will also provide you with a link to register to attend a 30 to 45 minute webinar. You will have the option of two timeslots on the 19th of April and two time slots on the 20th of April.

Step 4: Attendance at the webinar is essential to participation in the research project. At the webinar (which you will enjoy and gain personal value) I will outline the research in more detail for you, provide you with an introduction to my Intentionomics Trust Model, and ask you to complete a simple task that you will reflect on each week for the three weeks following the webinar.

Step 5: Each week for the three weeks following the webinar you will receive an email with another link to answer one question about your reflection on that task over the previous week. This again will take no more than 5 minutes of your time at the end of each of the three weeks.

Step 6: At the end of the three weeks you will receive an email from me again with a link that will allow you to complete the original three questionnaires again.

That’s pretty much it… I will then get to work and analyse the data and once my dissertation is completed, I will be back in touch with everyone to organise a time to present my findings. Again, no individual details will ever be discussed or shared.

I hope you will agree to participate… HERE’S THE LINK TO DO SO NOW



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