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Most people across the globe report in one way or another, that they share in the common personal goal of wanting to live a ‘good life’ – a happy, flourishing and meaningful life.

If that sounds like you too… you’ve arrived at the right place!

Positive Psychology researchers are concerned with identifying scientifically validated predictors of a ‘good life’.

In 2013 I commenced studying my 3rd Master Degree (the other two that I have completed are an MBA (from the University of Technology Sydney, and a Master Degree in Professional Ethics from the University of NSW). I’m currently completing my Master of Science Degree in Applied Positive Psychology through the University of East London.

… And that is what I’m sharing with you here.

In my book Intentionomics – the impact of your intentions on living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life, I have identified through my academic study, and more importantly, validated in my own life experiences and in coaching and mentoring others along the way, 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life. You can learn more about how my Intentionomics Blueprint can help you live a more happy, flourishing, prosperous and meaningful life by clicking here.

My specific focus is on WHY and HOW our intentions and trust impact our capacity to live a ‘good life’.

Let me start with a gift to you.

Click on this link to download your personal copy of the Inspiring Personal Prosperity Guided Study Workbook. It’s 26 A4 pages of powerful content and strategies… and it’s my gift to you. (This is the same Guided Study Workbook we use in the Inspiring Personal Prosperity Guided Study Program).

And now some action and resources for you

You can learn more about Intentionomics (the journey so far and how I came to write the book) by clicking here.

You can learn more about the Inspiring Personal Prosperity Guided Study Program by clicking here.

Implementing the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths.

Step 1: I recommend you click here to watch this special video program to learn more about the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life.

Step 2: Next, when you’re ready, download this personal workbook (if you haven’t already clicked on the ‘free gift’ link above) to help you take immediate action on implementing the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths.

Step 3: Next, visit our resources section and make your selection from the range of tips, tools and resources to help you hold yourself accountable for taking intentional actions to live an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous life.

Step 4: Finally, I invite you to get involved. Be an active Intentionomics community member and get involved with our Intentionomics Conversations by commenting, asking questions, or sharing your experiences.

To make this a monthly intentional action, join our Intentionomics In Action newsletter, which provides a monthly summary of my blog posts, sent to you on the first of each month, so that you can pick and choose the posts that sound interesting for you… click through and get involved… and when you do you also receive a bonus 5 part free video series on Why Trust Matters!

Are you finding value?

I’m hoping you’re finding value here…and if you are, will you help us help others as well? Liz and I would like to ask you to help us achieve our intentional aspirational goal of positively influencing 1,000,000 people over the next decade with the Intentionomics philosophy.

To help us help others, (if you’ve already helped out with this process… thanks so much) please click on your preferred social media option below and our big request is that you recommend and refer your own on-line and off-line community (friends, family, collegues) to do the same. Our target of 1,000,000 is a big number. We’re sure you’ll agree it’s a pretty worthwhile goal, and you’ll be playing an important part in helping people all around the world, live more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.

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I look forward to meeting you soon, either on line or in person.

My very best to you

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