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“We found the Intentionomics workshop of immense value at a personal and business level. It provided a great framework with which to ensure you are genuinely and productively on the right track for your personal goals as well as your business goals. David’s presentation style naturally energises the whole group, engages you all intimately and drives great outcomes. Would recommend it to any group who are serious about developing their talent.”

Paul Campbell, CEO, RI Advice Group.

Whatever your managerial level or individual work role understanding and applying the Intentionomics Blueprint of 9 Inescapable truths for a prosperous work life will help you to personally (and when working with a team, collectively) achieve greater productivity and success.

Here’s a brief description of each of the 9 inescapable truths for you to consider:

1 Identify and act on what’s in your control at work to create and maintain a personally rewarding work experience where you are more happy, flourishing and prosperous.
2 Understand your truth to be able to identify the key strategies and actions you have the potential to work on to help you achieve the type of work experience and success you deserve.
3 Define your intention for yourself and your working relationships, to help you achieve your potential in your role and help others to achieve the success they seek as well.
4 Control your ‘inner-voice’ to be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they arrive and to be better prepared to manage the tough stuff that will present itself to challenge you from time to time.
5 Set and define more meaningful and personally rewarding work goals.
6 Create intentional success habits to maintain your personal accountability to achieve your potential.
7 Build intentional trust relationships that are reciprocal in nature and add mutual value.
8 Develop a thirst for intentional learning that will provide you with the personal motivation, energy and knowledge to help you achieve what you want to achieve while creating intentional value for others.
9 Make wise and intentional choices and decisions that will build on your personal character, integrity, levels of trust and potential.

Your Next Step?

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