Intentionomics At Work eCourse – Module 1

Introduction – The reactive paradigm of work

G’day and welcome to your Intentionomics At Work eCourse. I’m thrilled that you’ve joined us and excited about the opportunities you have to create an even more happy, flourishing and prosperous work life.

Just a tip before we get started……if you haven’t read my book Intentionomics, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy and do so – it will really add more value to your learning and application throughout this program.

OK., on with the program!

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Let’s get started!

With the 24 hours that you have in any day of your life, if you were to work 8 hours per day, that means over a period of 40 years ‘in work’ you will have available to you around 76,800 hours of dedicated work time.

O.K. the math may not be exactly accurate, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a lot of hours.

The big questions here are: How will you invest your 76,800 hours? Will you just be reacting to your work environment – the work itself and the people you meet? Or will you be proactively interacting with your work environment – the work itself and the people you meet?

Unfortunately, for many employees (and some business owners) they choose to live in the reactive work paradigm. They draw little or no sense of value, enjoyment, personal growth or pride from the work they do. They do not see it as their responsibility to make the most of their time at work – whatever the work role. They see it as a means to an end – doing what they ‘have to do’ in order to earn the income they require to do what they want to do when they’re not at work.

They turn up, ‘do the job’, and go home.

Now you may be asking what’s wrong with that?

The answer is, can you seriously imagine what 76,800 hours of just turning up, doing the job and then going home can do to a person over that period of time?

Where’s the sense of personal value? Where’s the sense of personal pride? Where’s the sense of personal growth? Where’s the sense of personal belonging? Where’s the sense of simply feeling good, (dare I say, happy), for those 76,800 hours of your life?

This is not some magical mystical tour

Please understand, what I’m not suggesting is that we should all turn up to work, hug each other and sing ‘KumByYah’. What I’m not suggesting is that we look at the world through rose coloured glasses. What I’m not suggesting is that for every minute of every work hour that you should adopt the delusional and false reality that everything is rosy.

What I am suggesting is that the quality of your time at work is primarily your responsibility. Sure, you’ll have managers, colleagues, clients, competitors, suppliers and other points of contact who will impact what you do. However, how you proactively control that which is in your control, and how you reactively manage the things that occur that are outside of your control comes down to intentional choice.

What you will experience and gain from this program:

As you receive each of these messages and when you take action on the suggestions and recommendations, you will be able to:

1. Get clear about your potential to gain higher levels of personal satisfaction about the work you do – whatever that work is

2. Grow confidently and with pride in your self belief and strength of character

3. Improve the results you achieve for yourself and others within your defined work role(s)

4. Manage the ‘tough stuff’ that inevitably will come your way at work

5. Develop practical and easy to apply success habits

6. Build and maintain higher levels of motivation and focus to pursue any aspirational goals you might seek

7. Attract and develop stronger levels of trust relationships with colleagues, clients and others within your immediate and potential network

8. Tap into the power of intentional learning to ensure you are personally growing and not stagnating, and

9. Apply an intentional decision making process to help you make wise choices consistently and confidently.

The overall result and aim of this program is for you to tap into the resources that are already within your grasp to identify those resources you don’t currently have or have access to, and to achieve your potential.

Remember, you will be involved at work for potentially a minimum of 76,800 hours. Are you ready to maximise how you invest in yourself during that time?

Introducing Intentionomics®

Let me position a foundation principle that I will refer to often throughout this program. People Get Your Truth!

This is one of the most powerful and practical principles I have learned, and although it might seem a fairly simple concept, when you buy into it, and I genuinely hope you do, this simple concept can make a huge difference to you and those with whom you come into contact. I will expand on this foundation principle in a number of ways throughout this program so that you can really grasp its power and personally apply it to help you be even more success at work.

A common definition of intention usually includes something like a strong purpose, aim or goal that is matched with an unwavering determination to achieve that goal. I would like to offer an alternative definition, and one that has immediate and practical application.

I have introduced you to the foundation principle that people get your truth. When I refer to intention, I am referring to the ‘truth’ of your intention, the reason behind your intention, or as you will learn my preferred explanation as being your bigger ‘WHY’…..the ‘WHY’ you intend to do what you choose to do.

So Intentionomics® is about the impact of your intention – the impact that your bigger WHY, your reason or purpose for intending to do something will have on yourself, on others around you, and your overall success at work.

The big picture is this. Your success is determined by the beliefs and intention you personally and deeply hold about yourself and others. The alignment or congruence of those beliefs with the intentional decisions you make and the intentional actions you take will have a direct and significant impact on you and others.

This means you need to have personal clarity of your intentions, your truth, and the impact of your intention and truth on yourself, and on others.

I need to explain here in a little more detail what I mean by intentional action. There is a difference between having the intention to do something and understanding the reason behind the intention. You might intend to sell something to a customer. However, your intention (your bigger WHY?) to sell something to a customer could be (a) to make a sale (b) to keep your job (c) to feel good about yourself (d) to be salesperson of the month or (e) to genuinely help a customer achieve what they want.

If you were the customer, which intention would you hope the salesperson genuinely has? I’m fairly confident that you would hope the salesperson would have the genuine intention to help you as the customer achieve what you want. If you got a sense that the salesperson had an intention to just sell you something that they would make a better commission on, and that their intention wasn’t genuinely to provide you with the best advice, again, I’m pretty confident you would not want to buy from that salesperson.

Do you see what I mean? Intention matters! Your intentional action is not what you do, but WHY you do it.

Over the course of this program I will introduce you to 9 inescapable truths for success that will help you to identify and realise your potential.

As you identify and work toward realising your potential through applying these inescapable truths, you will also:

* increase your capacity to maximise the results you personally achieve at work

* be more engaged and importantly enjoy your time at work

* assist your colleagues and management team to achieve their work objectives

* build your sphere of influence and networks

* enhance internal and external client experience

* help to build a work culture that you and others around you are proud to be a part of.

That’s my promise to you. And in making that promise, the reality is the only way that promise can be fulfilled is that you take action…….so without hesitation I am saying…’s all up to you!

In our next module we will start with an overview of 9 inescapable truths for a prosperous life and you will get to complete an Intentionomics Self Assessment

My very best to you,

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