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Boost Your Business Success… Guaranteed!

FACT! Central to your business success is the level of Intentional TRUST that exists… self-trust, trust in others, and others trusting in you.

When you engage me to present, train, facilitate, mentor and coach your people, here’s what I guarantee:

  • Your SALESPEOPLE will win more new, repeat and referral business!
  • Your CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE will boost client satisfaction and result in more new, repeat and referral business!
  • Your INTERNAL TEAMS will work more cohesively, effectively and efficiently to complete projects on time and on budget!
  • Your LEADERSHIP team will boost employee engagement, motivation and create an intentional success culture to be proud of!

Call today on +61 2 95296201 to learn more.

I can help you through…

  • CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS and Breakout Workshops at your next Conference or Professional Development Program
  • Working with you to tailor a specific IN-COMPANY TRAINING PROGRAMS (including workshops and on-going accountability follow-up programs)
  • A range of on-line and off-line PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS available for individuals, teams or your entire company.

Take a moment to watch this video on what I refer to as The Inspiring Workplace Prosperity Program. This is just an example of the type of program I typically provide and shows the diversity and flexibility of approaches that you can select from to boost your business success.

If you’d like to download an information sheet on The Inspiring Workplace Prosperity Program you can do so here

Here is a list of just some of the areas I will specifically work on with your team to boost your business success:

1. Individual and team alignment with organisationalcharacter, vision and values
2. Personal accountability for results
3. Work-role clarity and personal pride
4. Flexible mindset to handle change
5. Intentional action built on habits of success
6. Aspirational goal management
7. Intentional trust relationships
8. Personal accountability for learning and growth
9. Professionally ethical choices and decisions

A little more detail on why Workplace Prosperity is the ‘next step’ from Employee Engagement?

Gallup research suggests that disengaged employees cost the Australian economy approximately $31.5 billion a year because of issues with productivity levels, employee absence (including sick leave) and presenteeism (when they turn up and don’t do anything, or what they do is actually detrimental to your company). So it just makes sense to be working on employee engagement.

However, it is equally important to ensure your engaged employees are willingly, and with pride, continuously taking the intentional actions required to create a prosperous workplace – one that is flourishing and growing.

I will introduce your people to the Intentionomics Trust Model, which is a powerful framework that will change the way they hold themselves accountable for their success.

The platform principle of Intentionomics is this…

People Get Your Truth! Over time, your intentions, promises, actions and results will either promote you or expose you.

As trust increases, productivity and profitability increase, while at the same time, costs and re-work decrease.

You can watch a 4 minute video on the Intentionomics Trust Model here.

Trust is unquestionably a key to success in any leadership role, and intention is the platform upon which trust sits. As your leaders and employees embrace this philosophy, they will experience many moments of truth that will guide them to take the intentional actions required to individually and collectively create a flourishing and prosperous workplace.

Call today on +61 2 95296201 to learn more.

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