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Customer service team members
… looking to create better client experiences for existing and potential clients

As a customer service specialist, you personally have the capacity, right now, to break through the traditional and limiting customer service approaches of many businesses and go beyond just offering service and information to customers … you can create amazing buying experiences for your customers by stepping up and becoming a trusted customer advice specialist.

Here’s the really good news … to experience this will cost nothing, won’t mean more work, and you will be even more proud of what you achieve.

OK, so the title (trusted customer advice specialist) might be a bit long winded, but stay with me here as I outline how understanding and applying the Intentionomics Blueprint can help you to create a personal and inspirational work environment by harnessing what’s within your control, so that you will not only be even more successful in your role, and you will also be even more happy, flourishing and prosperous in that role.

You’ll also create amazing buying experiences for your customers so that you can differentiate (other than on price) and have a higher chance of the customer buying from you while they’re with you, instead of ‘shopping around’ and then going to the internet and purchasing.

Let me start with this …

People Get Your Truth! – over time, your intentions, your actions and your results will either promote or expose you

This has profound meaning for you and will deeply impact the relationships you have with your existing and potential customers as well as you work colleagues and the results you can potentially achieve.

When I wrote the book Intentionomics – the impact of your intentions on living a happy, flourishing and prosperous life and developed the Intentionomics Blueprint, it was very clear to me that the 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life were just as appropriate in your personal life as they are for your work life.

Below I provide you with some specific actions you can take by applying the Intentionomics Blueprint, and before you take a look at that, here is what I refer to as the Intentional Customer Service Model that shows 5 stages of intentional development for customer service people that can be created through my tailored Intentionomics At Work programs.

Applying the 9 Inescapable Truths in Customer Service

Here’s a few specific actions on applying the Intentionomics Blueprint that you can take right now to help you to become even more successful in your role as customer service.

Define what a prosperous work life means for youHave you really defined what a prosperous work life means for you? What’s in your control that will help you to create and maintain a personally rewarding work experience that will lead to you being even more engaged, proactive in helping customers achieve their purchasing goals and even more happy, flourishing and prosperous at work?


Take stock of your truth about you People get your truth! Over time, your truth, intention, actions and results will either promote you or expose you. You can’t escape the need to be happy and proud of your own truth – with who you are as a person. What are you currently doing to work on your own truth – what you truly believe about your role in customer service, about the products or services you provide, about the relationships you have with your existing and potential customers, with your work colleagues, about your character and integrity, about the goals you have set and the way you’re going about proactively progressing toward your goal achievement?


Define your intention for each business role
Why do you do what you do? This is really important to be able to answer and understand. It is your intentions (your reason and your purpose for doing things) that causes you to feel pride……or not. Your intention will become clear over time to those with whom you come into contact. People get your truth. To what extent have you defined your own intentions as a customer service specialist for yourself, and importantly for your existing and potential customers.Your intention is what connects or disengages you in the business (and personal) relationships you have.


Control your inner voice
Your inner voice is, of course, what you silently say to yourself. When was the last time you really tuned into those quiet, personal words? Your inner voice will affect how you feel emotionally and physically. And, in turn, how you feel about things influences your decisions, actions and results. What are you doing to tap into the impact of what your inner voice is saying to yourself about your role, your potential, your relationships, your competence, the value you create and your intentions?


Develop intentional success habits
As a customer service specialist you have the opportunity, as I mentioned earlier, to step up and into your value by leaving the habits of traditional customer service and creating the new habits of the trusted customer advice specialist. What this means is you need to go beyond just providing information on your products and services…..go beyond the simplistic “how may I help you?” and go beyond leaving customers trying to make decisions on products that they are not experts in. Trusted advisers offer advice – they differentiate in the market place by learning more about each and every customers’ situation, needs, wants and expectations. Invest the time in learning this success habit, and you’ll be even more happy, flourishing and prosperous at work. A word of warning here too however. In your role, you will be typically under constant pressure to achieve many things in an ever shortening period of time with limited resources and you’ll always be reminded of just where you’re up to with your expected results by management. The good news is that this creates an environment where your habits that support your success can kick in. The bad news is that this creates an environment where your habits that restrict your success can kick in.You are a creature of habit and often do things as though on autopilot…..and this can be positive…..however there is a dark side to habit. It is the steps you take without thinking that can make the biggest differences in your life – whether that’s a positive or negative difference. When are you on auto pilot? What are you doing to discover when you might be acting out of habit rather than intention? When you’re with your potential and existing customers you can’t be building rapport ‘out of habit’; you can’t be asking questions just ‘out of habit’ and you can’t be showing value by demonstrating your products or services just ‘out of habit’. You need to be tapping into your intention – being consciously connected and engaged with your intention for your customers as you’re building rapport, asking questions and showing value. The more connected and aligned you are personally with your intention for your customers, the more connected and aligned your potential and existing customers will become with you……People get your truth!…..and people buy from people they trust.


Pursue Intentional Aspirational Goals
You are an aspirational goal seeking being and because all humans have this as an innate drive, this explains the power of goal setting. However, where it goes wrong in the business environment is that the goals that are set do not often align with a personal intention (a bigger WHY!) that will inspire people to direct their intentional energy and actions toward their achievement. What are you doing to align your own personal intention and motivation toward the goals you need to achieve in your customer service role?


Build Intentional Trust Relationships
You don’t get trust – you earn it. This is true for you in the relationships you have with your potential and existing customers, as well as your work colleagues. What are you doing to define and monitor the ways you’re earning and building trust? What are the promises being made and to what extent are they being completed? Where are there trust-fractures within the relationships required to help you achieve your goals?


Develop a thirst for intentional learning
If you are not learning, you are not growing and if you are not growing you’re stagnating – how could that make anyone feel happy, flourishing or prosperous at work? What are you doing that demonstrates your thirst for intentional learning? Are you investing in your own learning, or are you passively just waiting for your employer to provide you with learning opportunities. Personal and professional development is within your own control…..don’t let it get high-jacked by playing the learning victim and expecting everything to be handed to you on an educational plate.


It's your intentional choice
As you consider each of these 9 inescapable truths for you, it is inescapable that the choices you make on a daily basis, are going to produce the results you achieve. What are you doing for yourself to build your capacity to make wise intentional decisions? How comfortable and confident are you in your capacity to make more wise and intentional decisions?


So there you have the Intentionomics Blueprint. If you would like a printable version of this outline and action plan please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the “Print” button.

I urge you to learn more about Intentionomics and the impact of your intentions on being an even more successful customer service specialist. Think deeply about the outline I’ve provided for you here, and what actions you might take next to help you to be even more successful.

The world needs more inspirational, aspirational customer service specialists. Will you be that person?

If you or someone within your organisation is organising a conference or internal training event and you’re serious about providing your people with a fresh and inescapable approach to maximise their performance and to hold themselves accountable for their results, give us a call on our office number +61 2 9529 6201 or click hereto contact us via email.You’ll also find more information on my conference speaking and breakout presentations here »
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