Inspiring Sales and Customer Service Conference Presentations and In-Company Workshops

“As a result of implementing the tools and techniques from your program, our success rate in conversions has gone from around 10% to averaging over 30% and in some cases we have had 60% improvement.”
Keenan Bunning, Executive Manager Dealership Services, Commonwealth Bank.

Whether you’re looking to inspire your sales teams and/or your customer service teams to even higher levels of success, I can promise you these things when I present at your next conference or in-company program:

  1. They will be engaged, laugh, challenged, mindful, and inspired to take personal accountability for their success
  2. They will gain well-tested, proven, and practical tips and strategies that they will want to implement with pride
  3. They will have a new-found ‘common language’ that will continually inspire them to flourish and prosper in their sales or customer service roles.

Watch more videos below of interviews where I discuss specific topics and issues facing sales and customer service people and their team leaders

A personal note on my philosophy of ethics in selling and customer service

For over 18 years now I’ve been specifically working with business owners, sales and customer service managers  across a wide range of industries and professions to help them develop the potential of their sales and customer service teams to win more new, repeat and referral sales and to earn life-time customer loyalty.

My Sales and Customer Service Philosophy  is this…

If you want to win more sales and earn customer loyalty, don’t try and sell… because most people don’t want to feel like they’re being sold! AND… because ‘people get your truth’, in sales and customer service, the most successful are first sold on their own value they create when they sell what they sell – whether it’s a product, service or professional advice.

A Checklist Of Topics To Select From For Your Next Sales or Customer Service Conference or In-Company Program:

Here’s a brief checklist of ‘topics’ that I typically cover with my clients. You can use this quick key topics list to assess your sales and customer service mastery… On a scale of 1 being low and 10 being high, how would you rate your understanding and skill level in each of the following:

  • Managing the psychology of buying
  • Identifying and removing the three major buyer/client exit ramps
  • Positive influence and rapport
  • How to articulate your intention to build trust relationships
  • Positioning and asking questions that motivate clients to take action
  • Going beyond features and benefits to show tailored value
  • Objection management – proactively vs reactively defending your value
  • Differentiation strategies in competitive markets
  • Gaining client commitment – confirming sales vs closing sales
  • Earning advocacy – intentional stay-in-touch programs that work
  • Psychological flexibility – positive resilience for the tough times in sales and service delivery
  • Taking stock of your truth – intentional success habits and accountability
  • Intentional aspirational goals – the key to achieving sales and customer retention targets

“I am privileged to meet this country’s most prominent guest speakers. I have to say that few, if any, were able to match the style, delivery and impact of David’s presentation.”

Heidi Tamlyn, PR Manager, AM Club Sydney


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Additional Video Segments On Sales and Customer Service Philosophy and Strategies

In these Videos I’m interviewed by Shawn G. Hunter, Executive Produce from the SkillSoft International Group. We dig deeper into my sales and customer service philosophy and into what really causes some sales and customer service people to consistently outperform others.

Please note: Due to the copyright of these interviews, they cannot be downloaded or copied in anyway

Video 1 –  Value Selling In the 21st Century

Video 2 – Think About How The Buyer Wants To Buy, Not How You Want To Sell

Video 3 – Great Salespeople Sustain The Relationship

Video 4 – Transitioning To A Sales Leader

Video 5 – Great Salespeople Ask Questions That Mirror Their Value

Video 6 – Influencing The Decision Maker

Video 7 – Gain Clarity On Your Ideal Customer

Video 8 – Building Bridges Between Sales, Service Delivery and Product Development

Video 9 – The Real Secret To Sales Success

Video 10 – Our Actions Are Our Values In Conduct

Video 11 – The Five Deciding Values Of Buyers


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