The Intentionomics Journey so far…

Here you’ll discover more about the genesis of Intentionomics.

HOW Intentionomics will help you find your WHY, which will help you live a good life – a happy, flourishing and meaningful life.

For the majority of my adult life I have been personally and academically researching and (with Liz my wonderful wife of almost 30 years) practically applying what it takes to live a ‘good life’ – an intentionally happy, flourishing and meaningful work and personal life.

Why Intentionomics?

Intentionomics grew from my desire to leave a legacy for our two young adult sons… a legacy in the form of a personal letter to them both on the key life lessons and wisdom I’d collected and practiced. The letter outlined the platform principle of Intentionomics which is this…

People Get Your Truth! Over time, your intentions, promises, actions and results will either promote or expose you.

And the letter also outlined 9 inescapable truths to help them live more happy, flourishing and prosperous lives.

This was the genesis of my book Intentionomics. (Learn more about the Intentionomics book here).

Intentionomics has grown into a significant body of on-going research into ancient and current day philosophy, applied positive psychology, practical mindfulness, subjective well-being, adult learning principles, applied personal and professional ethics and most importantly, from ‘life-testing’ it through my own intentional reflection and actions and in working with top tier corporations, business owners and their teams.

3 Things Science Tells Us That You Need To Know And Take Intentional Action On!

1. Science validates that higher levels of well-being increase our likelihood of success in our personal and work lives.

2. Science validates that up to 60% of our overall sense of well-being is impacted by our genes and environment.

3. Science validates that up to 40% of our overall sense of well-being is impacted by our intentional choices and actions (based on research including that of Prof. Sonja Lyubomirsky).

Because higher levels of well-being increase the likelihood of success in our personal and work lives, this means that unless we change our mindset and habits to make more informed intentional choices and actions, we’re potentially leaving 40% of our overall sense of well-being and therefore, potentially leaving 40% of our personal and business life success to chance.

Intentionomics will help you discover and tap into that 40% by applying a Blueprint of 9 Inescapable Truths for a Prosperous Life that are validated by extensive scientific research in the field of Applied Positive Psychology.

Liz and I have this intentional aspirational goal that through our conference presentations, in-company programs and through the resources on this site, to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 over the next decade by helping them tap into their 40% by applying the Intentionomics philosophy, and helping them to live a ‘good life’.

If you’re ready now to take some intentional action (start tapping into your 40%) to help you flourish and prosper in your work and personal life, invest some time exploring our resources section which includes a number of free resources you can access, download and take immediate action on, as well as a number of resources you can purchase.

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to meeting you soon either on line or in person.

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