My good friend Ian Berry is founder of the Difference Makers Community –  an international online gathering who have a shared goal to take intentional action, collaborative and personal, that actually makes a difference to the world by changing what’s normal when the status quo no longer serves us.

You can check it out here

He recently sent out an email to the community (of which I’m a member) reflecting on what he’s discovered personally about the people he has met with and worked with over the years of his expert consulting and coaching.

Some interesting statistics

Ian suggests that 50% of people talk about change, but what they really mean is other people need to change, not them! He also suggests that 20% of people are happy with the status quo. This 70% of the population is not where Ian focuses his attention.

He then suggests that 20% of people are stuck in the status quo and are at least open to breaking free and that 5 % of people are enthusiastically frustrated leaders seeking performance partners.

The remaining 5% are what Ian refers to as change champions doing leading edge work.

He arrived at a phrase to describe the people he likes to work with (in the 30% described above) – and that phrase is “Enthusiastically frustrated and/or passionate”.

As I reflected on Ian’s reflecting (that was the purpose of his email to the community – to get some feedback), I started thinking about the real difference between those that ‘could’ and those that ‘do’ make a difference.

I reckon the phrase or term that better reflects the Difference Makers who Ian is referring to is ‘Passionately frustrated to take intentional action’.

You could be passionate about something but still not to the point where you want to do anything about it – except be passionate.

You could be frustrated about something, but not be passionate enough to do something about it.

But if you are passionately frustrated to take intentional action, you’re more than likely to be a Difference Maker.

The Key Is Intentional Action

The key of course is in intentional action – action where your intention – your bigger WHY – is fuelling and driving your passion and frustration to make the world around you that you can directly or indirectly impact, a better place for all.

I highly recommend you consider Ian’s Difference Makers community. We all need reminders that if we don’t decide to make a difference (at least in our own individual ways within our own intentional trust relationships and through our own intentional actions and results), we fall into the 70% of Ian’s model who don’t believe it’s up to them to change, grow and prosper, or just happy to leave things be and that it’s all someone else’s responsibility.

Let me know what you think.